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Caravans Website - Unique Features

Time for change, we have combined every feature to support british businesses

Caravans Website is one of several main supporting parent websites that we provide to help businesses be found online. The combination of all of our unique features not only uses traditional methods to get your business found, but also opens up new opportunities with our network linking capabilities.

We support every sector of the Caravan & Motorhome industry, from Dealers to Suppliers & associated businesses, caravan parks to tourist attractions.

We use our extensive knowledge of search engines to position businesses in search results for users looking for a type of business or service. Every sector within the caravan industry is intrinsically linked and our systems are specifically designed to support businesses, while expanding the exposure they receive.

Simple linking to manufacturers new products & unique super supplier ability

Many businesses within the caravan industry spends thousands of hours duplicating product entry for their own websites. Our systems eradicate that problem instantly, saving those hours and provide businesses with simple, logical solutions, that support businesses to achieve a greater level of sales. Our unique e-commerce solutions can provide businesses with instant online shops that are supported by their suppliers, removing the pressure for all retailers to continually update their own websites while providing a simple solution for industry suppliers.

Our right to be seen policy - fair play for every business that we advertise

It is well known that a user conducting a search in a search engine will rarely explore more than page one or page two of a list of search results. This user search, combined with the fact that top few places in search results generate more enquiries than businesses appearing lower down a list, has resulted in us applying our right to be seen algorithm throughout our sites. It places every business on an equal footing by rotating the top slots on an equal basis to ensure that every business has it's position at the top of the list and opportunity to generate a higher level of enquiries.

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