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Probably the best caravan mover in the U.K. supplied and fitted by our expert technicians

Powrtouch continues to go from strength to strength and is the UK's number one manufacturer and supplier of remote controlled caravan mover systems. We have consistently out-sold all other caravan mover suppliers in recent years as more and more caravan manufacturers, dealers and customers realise the value for money, quality of service and peace of mind our products provide, especially when supported by our unique Nationwide 'Five-Year' no quibble parts and labour guarantee.

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Available Models

Powrtouch Caravan Movers

Powrtouch Evolution Single

The Powrtouch Evolution is a next generation caravan mover and has been designed and developed in the UK

Powrtouch Evolution Twin

(2 motor) - This caravan mover will drive any twin axle up a minimum slope of 1 in 4; Take the strain out of moving!

Powrtouch Evolution AWD

With the addition of a further two driving wheels this feature makes the Powrtouch Evolution -'All Wheel Drive'

Powrtouch Freedom

The Powrtouch Freedom caravan mover is designed to fit caravans that have shock absorbers fitted or have a narrow gap.

Bespoke Fitting

All Powrtouch Caravan Mover Systems are primarily designed to be fitted upon the Standard ALKO or BPW chassis.

5 Year Guarantee

These are the caravan moving systems with a FIVE YEAR NO QUIBBLE GUARANTEE Contact us for more information.

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Frequently Asked Questions

The Original Powrtouch Classic Mover will push a 1,500kgs Caravan or Trailer up a 1 in 4 (25%) slope.

The new Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Mover will push any weight of caravan (even the very largest twin axle) up a 1 in 4 (25%) slope

Our Movers start from approximately 35Kg

We recommend minimum 85AH leisure battery for the Original Powrtouch Classic Mover.

We recommend a minimum 100AH leisure battery for the new Powrtouch Evolution Caravan Movers.

We give a 'No Quibble' FULL FIVE year parts and labour guarantee if the caravan mover is purchased directly from and fitted by Powrtouch, or if purchased from and fitted by a Powrtouch Approved Dealership. We are able to offer a five year parts ONLY guarantee if you decide to fit the unit yourself.

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