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The awning is often where you end up spending a great many hours on camping trips. It serves as a living room and dining room, storage room and meeting place. So, choosing the right awning for your camping needs is vital. Our collection features all types of awnings, whether you’re looking for a permanent pitcher awning, a touring awning or a year-round awning. We also offer awnings that are specially designed for smaller caravans.

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Why choose Isabella

Isabella is quality down to the last detail, with a focus on great design ideas for hard wearing and efficient products. Generations of experience and know-how have gone into creating Isabella’s unique patented solutions, making them a pleasure to choose and use. Strong, durable materials, modern design and exclusive finishes help make the time you spend in your outdoor living room even more enjoyable.

Interior Strength & Durability

With a choice of frames Issabella is one of the leading awning manufacturers

CARBON-X™ FRAMEcarbon-fibre reinforced fibreglass frame, is suitable for both permanent and touring caravanning. Carbon Fibres are combined with glass fibres in varying amounts, according to pole diameters, to offer maximum strength. The frame is light and fully corrosion resistant. All CarbonX frames are supplied with the IsaFix locking mechanism. With IsaFix in place, keeping the frame in position is easy. With one press of the hand grip, a discreet “click” tells you IsaFix is locked in position.

ZINOX™ STEEL FRAME is hot galvanised both inside and out to extend its life and to meet all load bearing requirements. The steel frame is made of ISO-certified high-strength steel. The strength of the Zinox steel frame makes it particularly suitable for pitching your caravan permanently – and it is included with all All-in-One and winter part awnings, because caravanning in the off-peak seasons demands great structural stability due to weather conditions such as strong winds and snow.

ZINOX MEGA FRAME 300 – EXTRA STRONG FRAME FOR YEAR-ROUND USE For permanent pitchers wanting to camp all year round, we recommend the use of the brand new Zinox Mega Frame from Isabella. The Zinox Mega Frame is a durable tubular steel frame (material thickness: 32 mm/1.2 mm) with welded corners and double screw locks on the poles. The Zinox Mega Frame is designed for year-round use and can withstand powerful storms, snowfall and torrential rain. The Zinox Mega Frame is supplied with two extra rafter poles, as well as one Hercules 32.5 mm. The Zinox Mega Frame can be used for both 3-metre and Penta awnings.

ISAFIX™ LOCKING CLAMP included on all CarbonX frames or update your own fibreglass frame! IsaFix can be fitted easily to any Isabella frame, replacing telescopic couplings and wing nuts for quick and efficient assembly of the awning frame.

NEW! T-REX LOCKING CLAMP for Zinox steel frame. The newly developed T-Rex telescopic lock fully lives up to its namesake. With a powerful bite, it mercilessly locks in place and keeps the poles tensioned in all weather conditions. With one press of the handle, a discreet “click” tells you that the T-Rex is locked in position. However, unlike the dangerous prehistoric giant, the telescopic lock can be released again when you wish – completely effortlessly! T-Rex can be used together with the tensioning tool “Hercules Twin”.

PRE-ASSEMBLED FRAME Isabella’s awnings and their frames have been designed with easy assembly in mind.

Quality Materials

Isabella uses only the best materials, made by the world’s leading suppliers.

Isacryl is a spinneret-dyed (i.e. the fibres are dyed), textured-weave, durable material. Isacryl has the highest achievable fade- resistance thanks to the pigmentation method. The density of the weave plus full impregnation prevents water ingress. Nevertheless, Isacryl is a breathable material, which facilitates the best possible indoor climate in the awning.

IsaTex is a durable, coated polyester material with an attractive surface texture. This material has been developed exclusively for and by Isabella in collaboration with one of Europe’s leading textile manufacturers. The benefits of IsaTex include its extreme durability and, perhaps best of all, it is easy to keep clean, as the material can simply be wiped.

IsaLite is a coated polyester material, which is durable, lightweight and easy to keep clean.

The window foil is the best available on the market. In some of the models, the window foil is also tinted to tone down the sun’s rays, and in awnings for use in winter, a foil is used which can withstand sub-zero temperatures.

In all Isabella awnings, a durable, acrylic-coated polyester product has been used for the roof, which is top-lacquered to reduce the accumulation of dirt. The roof canvas is fully impregnated and stitched with double-folded seams to guarantee it will withstand even heavy rainfall. The inside is patterned to create a pleasant indoor environment, but this also helps make any impurities on the outside less noticeable.

Good Service

If things go wrong, or if you require modifications to your awning, this will be taken care of in Buckinghamshire by our experienced, expert service department.

Here, we use the same machinery and the same quality-controlled material used in the manufacture of the product. Just take your awning in to your Isabella retailer or telephone us for our door to door collection service and we’ll take care of everything else.

There’s a Kampa awning for everyone

No one has more experience of lightweight and inflatable awnings than Kampa. We understand that your awning is an important extension to your caravan and you would like the same quality, design and ease of use that your caravan gives. Kampa awnings provide first class accommodation on site, the simplest set up and take down and structurally are the most secure. Our newest innovations bring you the very latest enhancements and introduce new models to ensure that Kampa awnings remain the very finest available. These bestselling awnings have been further developed to ensure that they offer the highest quality design, materials and function. You will be proud to pair your caravan with a Kampa awning.

Why choose Kampa

2019 sees the introduction of new features across many awnings in both our poled and inflatable ranges. We’ve followed up the successful launch of the Ace AIR All-Season, our first seasonal pitch inflatable awning, and the Rally AIR Pro Grande, a spacious three metre deep awning, with the Grande AIR AllSeason, a brilliant combination of the two. This year also sees the introduction of the Club AIR Pro awning, an entirely new design of inflatable awning which effortlessly combines form and function. Familiar styling, rigid construction, and a striking front apex set the Club apart, an instant Kampa classic. Our poled rally and Rally Pro models have also been significantly improved, featuring lightweight aluminium frames for reduced weight and easier handling.

There’s also a Kampa tent for everyone

Over 40 years of continuous camping know-how has resulted in the finest range of tents for you and your family. Whether you’re planning a long summer holiday, a quick weekend away or a festival, Kampa® has a tent to suit and all are designed to make your camping trip as pleasurable as possible. Kampa® tents are high specification with all the features you’d expect whilst offering outstanding value for money and the finest quality. Kampa® tents are renowned for the easy set up and quality of design and materials. Our aftersales department offer a comprehensive Europe-wide backup and spare parts service.

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For over 30 years SunnCamp has been manufacturing outdoor products including Caravan Awnings, Motor Awnings, Trailer Tents and Tents. Our aim is to produce the best range of meticulously designed, exceptionally well-made and fantastic value products that will give you and your family the best outdoor experience. All our products are made from specially developed fabrics and have a vast range of features and attention to detail.

Air Volution - Pole Free Inflatable Pitching

In place of conventional poles, SunnCamp’s Air Volution products are pre-fitted with durable air tubes which are enclosed in a heavy duty double layer sleeve, providing an extremely secure and stable structure when inflated and guyed. Setting up is easy... Attach the inflator pump to the valves in the air tubes and pump until you reach the correct pressure of 7 psi. Close the valves and your product is ready for use. Air tubes should be inflated to 7 psi

Why choose Sunncamp

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