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It can be for various reasons that the time comes to sell your holiday home, here at Caravans Website we can provide you with the best options and our team will help advertise your holiday home to our thousands of users. With our industry knowledge we know that the best and quickest way to sell your static caravan fast is to also advertise the caravan park and surrounding tourist attractions. With this solution, your potential buyers will get to see all of the features your static caravan has to offer.


When the time comes and you have made the decision to sell your static, it can be a difficult choice to decided which is the best way forward. We can offer several options to take all the stress away from the sales process.

Selling your holiday home online on Caravans Website is simple. Join us, advertise your static with descriptions and photos, then simply link your advert to the relevant caravan park. Our team do the rest, ensuring that we have information on the caravan park location for the best results for you. With our specialist knowledge of how to sell your static we generate natural organic traffic from people who search for a holiday home for sale like yours. Our site is very simple to use and guides our buyers who are looking for a holiday home by region, county or even town locations. Please take your time to read through our guides on selling a static. We give you information on all ways of selling your static and listed below are the reasons why , if you choose to sell your static privately, advertising with Caravans Website is possibly the best online website for selling your static.

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When it comes to selling your static it can become quite a daunting task as to which option to choose. If the static is sited on a caravan park, quite often there are several other considerations to think about before you can simply put it up for sale. Our guides below are designed to make the process easier for you and allow you to make an informed decision on how you wish to sell your static.

Selling your static caravan to a trade buyer is a quick and simple way to sell

Advertising your static, lodge or holiday home for sale privately is simple on our website. We understand that it is not only the static that a potential buyers looks at, but also the location and surrounding tourist attractions and businesses. Our systems allow you to advertise your holiday home and select the caravan park that it is sited on. This automatically links the available holiday home to the caravan park advert so if one of our users is looking at a caravan park with a view to purchasing, they will see all available holiday homes for sale. In turn, we also link local tourist attractions and surrounding businesses as many people will purchase a static caravan based upon not only the location, but the surrounding things to do and see. Advertising is simple and cost effective, with our systems you simply follow our step by step instructions to create a high quality advert that can be instantly live and available to our thousands of users looking for available holiday homes.

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Static Caravan Guide To Prices

Our experts have years of experience within the leisure industry, please find below our guides on valuations. Should you need further information and are looking for a valuation to sell your static caravan then please contact our experts below, we're here to help you.

  • Private Sale Guide
  • Trade Buyer Information
  • Sell Back To The Park

When you decide to sell your static caravan there are are a few checks that you should carry out first. Firsty we recommend that you check with the park owner that they will allow you in the terms of your agreement to sell the static yourself. This will normally help you to achieve the best price for your holiday home but you must consider if there are any fees that you may be liable to pay the park under the terms of your licensing agreement. Often the park will request a commission of 15% of the selling price of your static.

Next we would recommend writing to the park owner to make them aware of your intention to sell, refer to your license agreement to check what information is required in your letter to them. Maintain good communication with your park owners at all times to ensure that a potential new owner has as much information as possible and the park can provide you with ongoing pitch fees etc. This will help in the sale as the buyer will have the facts & fees to hand and when they become due. When selling a static on your pitch, it will add a significant value to the asking price as you could also be potentially selling the views and position. Thus it is imperative that again, you check the terms of your license as some parks may require the static to be relocated if sold as you may have initially purchased a premium position on the park that they may wish to keep for one of their own sales. Keeping good communication with the park should make the transfer of ownership and new agreement between your buyers and the park become effortless.

Some park owners can offer you assistance with your private sale and in essence they will become your broker. This may involve you signing further agreements in the form of a 'private sale agreement' with the caravan park. In this instance ensure that you are comfortable with what you are signing, if not, we would recommend that you seek extra legal advice if you are not happy with form-filling or you are unsure of what you are signing.

Once all of the checks and you are comfortable with the park owners position, now comes the hard bit! What is your static caravan worth? To achieve a realistic valuation first it is wise to understand how a price for a static caravan is made up. For more information on how to price your static caravan for a private sale, please read our section on TRADE BUYER INFORMATION as there we explain how a static caravan price is made up and this will give you a realistic price expectation.

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Selling your static caravan to a trade buyer can be a simple solution once you have come to the decision to dispose of your holiday home. The process would normally involve the static caravan being disconnected and removed from the caravan park, so firstly we would advise that you check the terms of your license agreement with the park owners as to whether you are allowed to sell the static to a trader. There may be disconnection charges that could be payable to the caravan park before your static is removed off site.

Once all the checks have been completed to ensure that you are ok to sell your static to a trader, the next consideration is how much is your static caravan worth? To understand a static caravans valuation we must first look at the components and what makes up a static caravans retail value. There are 3 elements to this, firstly the static caravan its self, secondly the pitch value and thirdly the current market conditions.

These three components make up a static's retail value, so for example, when purchasing a sited static caravan the retail value may be £50,000. Of this figure, the actual value of the static may only be £20,000, with £20,000 of the value placed upon the pitch and the remaining £10,000 due to the desirability level of the caravan park. So, on the assumption that the above example is in Scotland, moving the exact same static caravan to the middle of the Lake District, the retail price could be significantly higher, but this does not alter the component of the actual value of the static caravan. Thus the figures could be; Static £20,000, pitch £100,000, desirability of the park £20,000 = a retail value of £140,000.

When selling to a trade buyer, the static would normally be removed from site, thus the only component of the above three that is applicable is the value of the static caravan. Static caravans have an average life span of 15 years on a caravan park, thus the actual unit will also depreciate during that period. So on the above example, if the static was 'new' at £20,000 and being sold 5 years later, the static would have depreciated over that 5 year period and may only have an asset value of £12,000.

To gain an accurate current trade buying price, click on our link below and complete the required form. A member of our team will process the information and contact you with a current market value to sell your static to a trade buyer.

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Selling your static caravan back to the caravan park may be an easy option for many people. But again, there are considerations to think about when choosing this route. Firstly have a chat with your park to see if they would be looking to purchase your static back. Most often this would be the case but you are then governed by the price that they are prepared to offer.

The factors that you need to take into account with this option are the current age of your static and how long is remaining on your current licensing agreement. Most caravan parks will have a policy for the allowed age limit of a static on its park, the average age appears to be 15 years. So if you are selling a static that is 1 year old you can expect a higher value than a static that is 14 years old. This is because the caravan will potentially need to be replaced in 1 years time. It is a common practise for carvan parks to restrict the age so that the park is always kept presentable.

As to a guide for the price that you can expect to achieve, remember that you are selling to a business and they will be seeking to make a margin when the static is resold. Check to see if there are any other static caravans up for sale on the site and compare them to the quality / condition of your own static. This approach sold give you a feel for the current retail selling values and you must then take into account that the park is a business and will seek to make a profit. Also remember to ask a couple of questions when enquiring to see if the park will buy back your static, it may help your valuation if there is a waiting list for the park or if there are very few units available to the parks demand. So don't be afraid to negotiate with the park owners! If they are short of stock or have a large waiting list, this will make it very easy for them to resell your holiday home.

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